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Manpages: Other clarifications and improvements.
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@@ -53,9 +53,9 @@ the dgit/suite branch.
dgit expects repos that it works with to have a
.B dgit
-remote. This refers to the well-known dgit-repos location
-(currently, the dgit-repos project on Alioth). dgit fetch updates
-the remote tracking branch for dgit/suite.
+remote. This refers to the well-known dgit-repos location (on a
+dedicated Debian VM). dgit fetch updates the remote tracking branch
+for dgit/suite.
dgit does not (currently) represent the orig tarball(s) in git. The
orig tarballs are downloaded (by dgit clone) into the parent
@@ -149,5 +149,27 @@ Of course it may also be that the differences are due to build system
bugs, which cause unintended files to end up in the source package.
dgit will notice this and complain. You may have to fix these bugs
before you can unify your existing git history with dgit's.
+A related problem is unexpected behaviour by a package's
+.B clean
+If a package's rules
+remove or modify files which are distributed in the package,
+or simply forgets to remove certain files,
+dgit will complain that the tree is dirty.
+The solution is to use
+.BR "dgit -wg" " aka " "--clean=git" ,
+which instructs dgit to use git clean instead of the package's
+build target,
+along with perhaps
+.B git reset --hard
+before each build.
+This is 100% reliable, but has the downside
+that if you forget to git add or to commit, and then use
+.BR "dgit -wg" " or " "git reset --hard" ,
+your changes may be lost.