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Replace `confess $!' with `confess "$!"', to actually print errno
$ perl -e 'use Carp; open X, ">/dev/eacces" or die $!' Permission denied at -e line 1. $ perl -e 'use Carp; open X, ">/dev/eacces" or confess $!' at -e line 1. $ perl -e 'use Carp; open X, ">/dev/eacces" or confess "$!"' Permission denied at -e line 1. $ confess will get references to its arguments in @_. Its documentation says it saves/restores $!. I conjecture that these interact as we see here: $ perl -e '$!=1; sub x { print ">@_<\n"; } x $!;' >Operation not permitted< $ perl -e '$!=1; sub x { local $!; print ">@_<\n"; } x $!;' >< Quoting "$!" averts the reference (and it will also ensure that we get the string value of $!, in case confess were to do anything in the future which would mess that up). This commit was made like this: perl -i -pe 's/confess \$!/confess "\$!"/g' dgit perl -i -pe 's/confess \$!/confess "\$!"/g' git-debrebase perl -i -pe 's/confess \$!/confess "\$!"/g' Debian/ I have manually reviewed each hunk and it all looks good to me. Closes: #929549 Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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