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gitattributes: Docs and message wordsmithing
Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -205,6 +205,9 @@ is configured this way.
git has features which can automatically transform files
as they are being copied between the working tree
and the git history.
+The attributes can be specified in the source tree itself,
+.BR .gitattributes .
See \fBgitattributes\fP(5).
These transformations are context-sensitive
@@ -213,25 +216,23 @@ so dgit operates on the principle that
the dgit git history contains the actual contents of the package.
(When dgit is manipulating a .dsc,
it does so in a private area,
-where the transforming gitattributes are defused (disabled),
+where the transforming gitattributes are defused,
to achieve this.)
-If transforming gitattributes used,
+If transforming gitattributes are used,
they can cause trouble,
because the working tree files can differ from
the git revision history
(and therefore from the source packages).
+dgit warns if it finds a .gitattributes file
+(in a package being fetched or imported),
+unless the transforming gitattributes have been defused.
-So dgit clone
+dgit clone
and dgit setup-new-tree
disable transforming gitattributes
by default,
-by creating a .git/info/attributes.
-When fetching or importing sources
-dgit warns if it finds .gitattributes file
-and the transforming gitattributes have not been defused
-(e.g. in the case of a tree not made with dgit clone).
+by creating a suitable .git/info/attributes.
.B dgit setup-new-tree