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gitattributes: dgit(7): Document our approach and rationale
This is not properly implemented yet. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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Distros which do not maintain a set of dgit history git repositories
can still be used in a read-only mode with dgit. Currently Ubuntu
is configured this way.
+git has features which can automatically transform files
+as they are being copied between the working tree
+and the git history.
+See \fBgitattributes\fP(5).
+These transformations are context-sensitive
+and not, in general, reversible,
+so dgit operates on the principle that
+the dgit git history contains the actual contents of the package.
+If transforming gitattributes used,
+they can cause trouble,
+because the working tree files can differ from
+the git revision history
+(and therefore from the source packages).
If you are not the maintainer, you do not need to worry about the
source format of the package. You can just make changes as you like