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docs: Document --split-view and change terminology
We now speak in the docs of * splitting quilt mode(s) * split view (being) in operation Closes: #926640 Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ this problem can occur if you have provided
Debian git tooling such as git-debrebase, git-dpm or git-buildpackage
with upstream git commit(s) or tag(s)
which are not 100% identical to your orig tarball(s).
When working with git branches intended
for use with the `3.0 (quilt)' source format
dgit can automatically convert a suitable
@@ -401,21 +401,33 @@ maintainer-provided git branch
(in one of a variety of formats)
into a dgit branch.
-When a split view mode is engaged
+When a splitting quilt mode is selected
dgit build commands and
dgit push
will, on each invocation,
convert the user's HEAD into the dgit view,
so that it can be built and/or uploaded.
-dgit push in split view mode will push the dgit view to the dgit
+Split view mode can also be enabled explicitly
+the --split-view command line option
+the .split-view access configuration key.
+When split view is in operation,
+regardless of the quilt mode,
+any dgit-generated pseudomerges
+and any quilt fixup commits
+will appear only in the dgit view.
+dgit push
+will push the dgit view to the dgit
git server.
The dgit view is always a descendant of the maintainer view.
dgit push will also make a maintainer view tag
according to DEP-14
and push that to the dgit git server.
-Split view mode must be enabled explicitly
+Splitting quilt modes must be enabled explicitly
(by the use of the applicable command line options,
subcommands, or configuration).
This is because it is not possible to reliably tell