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authorIan Jackson <>2016-11-07 02:51:23 +0000
committerIan Jackson <>2016-11-07 02:51:23 +0000
commitd5f5e01951b405c645ee8c1aa497b0c6893e9da1 (patch)
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parent201e064fa7eb89ec1aacf265c4c07fef037c87d7 (diff)
dgit: Move canonicalise_suite into fetch()
fetchpullargs has to run before we have dealt with multisuites, which cannot be straightforwardly canonicalised. Move the canonicalisation out of fetchpullargs. Previously, fetchpullargs would always call canonicalise_suite if it wasn't going to fail. In one of the cases it would print a message, but we have just changed canonicalise_suite to print a message too, so the one from fetchpullargs was redundant. fetchpullargs is called right before fetch, in cmd_fetch; and, in cmd_pull. In cmd_pull the split brain check intervenes between fetchpullargs and pull which calls fetch. So overall there is now no functional change other than the loss of the now-redundant message. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/dgit b/dgit
index 5056e11..9a28d81 100755
--- a/dgit
+++ b/dgit
@@ -3119,6 +3119,7 @@ sub clone ($) {
sub fetch () {
+ canonicalise_suite();
if (check_for_git()) {
@@ -3902,11 +3903,8 @@ sub fetchpullargs () {
my $clogp = parsechangelog();
$isuite = getfield $clogp, 'Distribution';
- canonicalise_suite();
- progress "fetching from suite $csuite";
} elsif (@ARGV==1) {
($isuite) = @ARGV;
- canonicalise_suite();
} else {
badusage "incorrect arguments to dgit fetch or dgit pull";