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committerIan Jackson <>2016-07-01 22:31:38 +0100
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sbuild; Do not pass -A
Incompatible change: * dgit sbuild does not pass -A to sbuild. Consequently the default build is now simply sbuild's default. With older sbuilds it was possible to override dgit's -A by passing another option. But this has been changed recently and now this default setting is very awkward to change for the dgit user.
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diff --git a/dgit b/dgit
index e02a6bd..9edc657 100755
--- a/dgit
+++ b/dgit
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ our (@curl) = qw(curl -f);
our (@dput) = qw(dput);
our (@debsign) = qw(debsign);
our (@gpg) = qw(gpg);
-our (@sbuild) = qw(sbuild -A);
+our (@sbuild) = qw(sbuild);
our (@ssh) = 'ssh';
our (@dgit) = qw(dgit);
our (@dpkgbuildpackage) = qw(dpkg-buildpackage -i\.git/ -I.git);