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git-debrebase: Provide new convert-from-dgit-view operation.
The output is, unavoidably, not very pretty. Closes:#905322. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -343,6 +343,72 @@ Be sure to not accidentally treat the result as
a git-debrebase branch,
or you will drop all the patches!
+=item git-debrebase convert-from-dgit-view [<convert-options>] [upstream]
+Converts any dgit-compatible git branch
+corresponding to a (possibly hypothetical) 3.0 quilt dsc source package
+into a git-debrebase-compatible branch.
+This operation should not be used
+if the branch is already in git-debrebase form.
+Normally git-debrebase will refuse to continue in this case
+(or silently do nothing if the global --noop-ok option is used).
+Some representation of the original upstream source code will be needed.
+If I<upstream> is supplied, that must be a suitable upstream commit.
+By default,
+git-debrebase will look first for git tags (as for new-upstream),
+and then for orig tarballs which it will ask dgit to process.
+The upstream source must be exactly right and
+all the patches in debian/patches must be up to date.
+Applying the patches from debian/patches to the upstream source
+must result in exactly your HEAD.
+The output is laundered and stitched.
+The resulting history is not particularly pretty,
+especially if orig tarball(s) were imported
+to produce a synthetic upstream commit.
+The available convert-options are as follows.
+(These must come after convert-from-dgit-view.)
+=item --[no-]diagnose
+Print additional error messages to help diagnose
+failure to find an appropriate upstream.
+--no-diagnose is the default.
+=item --build-products-dir
+Directory to look in for orig tarballs.
+The default is the git config option
+or failing that, C<..>.
+Passed on to dgit, if git-debrebase invokes dgit.
+=item --[no-]origs
+Whether to try to look for or use any orig tarballs.
+--origs is the default.
+=item --[no-]tags
+Whether to try to look for or use any upstream git tags.
+--tags is the default.
+=item --always-convert-anyway
+Perform the conversion operation,
+producing unpleasant extra history,
+even if the branch seems to be in git-debrebase form already.
+This should not be done unless necessary,
+and it should not be necessary.
=head1 OPTIONS