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git-debrebase: Make all commit annotations have a COMMIT-TYPE
Omitting this sometimes turns out to have a mistake. We are going to want to distinguish at least split from other commits. Add a COMMIT-TYPE to the others as future-proofing. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -551,21 +551,21 @@ in the messages of commits it generates.
The general form is
- [git-debrebase[ COMMIT-TYPE [ ARGS...]]: PROSE, MORE PROSE]
+ [git-debrebase COMMIT-TYPE [ ARGS...]: PROSE, MORE PROSE]
git-debrebase treats anything after the colon as a comment,
paying no attention to PROSE.
The full set of annotations is:
- [git-debrebase: split mixed commit, debian part]
- [git-debrebase: split mixed commit, upstream-part]
- [git-debrebase: convert dgit import, debian changes]
+ [git-debrebase split: mixed commit, debian part]
+ [git-debrebase split: mixed commit, upstream-part]
+ [git-debrebase onvert dgit import: debian changes]
[git-debrebase anchor: convert dgit import, upstream changes]
[git-debrebase upstream-combine . PIECE[ PIECE...]: new upstream]
[git-debrebase anchor: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION, merge]
- [git-debrebase: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION, changelog]
- [git-debrebase: export and commit patches]
+ [git-debrebase changelog: new upstream NEW-UPSTREAM-VERSION]
+ [git-debrebase make-patches: export and commit patches]
[git-debrebase convert-from-gbp: drop patches]
[git-debrebase anchor: declare upstream]
@@ -574,6 +574,8 @@ The full set of annotations is:
[git-debrebase merged-breakwater: constructed from vanilla merge]
[git-debrebase convert-to-gbp: commit patches]
+ [git-debrebase convert-from-dgit-view upstream-import-convert: VERSION]
+ [git-debrebase convert-from-dgit-view drop-patches]
Only anchor merges have the C<[git-debrebase anchor: ...]> tag.
Single-parent anchors are not generated by git-debrebase,