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authorIan Jackson <>2018-08-19 20:14:40 +0100
committerIan Jackson <>2018-08-19 21:00:31 +0100
commit38d76341f1c203ec2365a0d5c81b750362531a99 (patch)
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git-debrebase: convert-from-gbp: Check separately for $dtag
This allows us to print a more sensible error message, Previously git would print a fatal error, after which we carry on. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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diff --git a/git-debrebase b/git-debrebase
index a19d258..42e8f7e 100755
--- a/git-debrebase
+++ b/git-debrebase
@@ -2481,6 +2481,8 @@ END
is_fast_fwd $mtag, 'HEAD' or
die "HEAD is not FF from maintainer tag $mtag!";
my $dtag = "archive/$mtag";
+ git_get_ref "refs/tags/$dtag" or
+ die "dgit view tag $dtag not found\n";
is_fast_fwd $mtag, $dtag or
die "dgit view tag $dtag is not FF from maintainer tag $mtag\n";
print "will stitch in dgit view, $dtag\n";