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Terminology: Change "rewind" to "rewrite" where appropriate
In #928473, Colin Watson writes: > the use of "rewind" as a synonym for "non-fast-forwarding", while > somewhat common in git terminology, is unfortunate. The terms seem > to be borrowed from video playback systems, where "rewind" is often > just the exact opposite of "fast-forward", and so when I see > "rewinding history" in a few places in dgit(1) my initial > interpretation is that it must mean "updating a ref to point to an > ancestor of the commit that it previously pointed to", whereas I > think dgit(1) means "any push that isn't a fast-forward". I don't > know if I'm the only one for whom it has that connotation. This makes sense. So, I am changing uses of "rewind" which do not mean precisely going back to an ancestor. I think we can often use the word "rewrite" for the more general case, but there are some places where another wording is better. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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@@ -784,7 +784,7 @@ sub checktagnoreplay () {
# current head for the suite (there must be at least one).
# This prevents any tag implying a NOFFCHECK push being
- # replayed to rewind from a different head.
+ # replayed to overwrite a different head.
# The possibility of an earlier ff-only push being replayed is
# eliminated as follows: the tag from such a push would still