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dgit: Cope if the archive server sends an HTTP redirect
We achieve this by passing -L to curl. We also pass an appropriate-seeming --proto-redir, because the curl manual is not entirely reassuring that following redirections with the default configuration is safe. This finally fixes #867185/#867309. What happens there is that curl gets a redirect, along with an HTML error document. curl then exits with status zero, effectively pretending that the error document is the resource which was requested. dgit notices that something is wrong because the file does not have the expected cryptographic checksum. I suspect that there are other download problems which would give a similar effect. Sadly the curl manpage doesn't seem to suggest a way to avoid this. At least, dgit will never carry on in such a situation, since it insists that the file has the right hash. And if it does have the right hash we don't really care how it was obtained. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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