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test suite: alternating-dgit: New test
This tests alternating dgit and non-dgit uploads. These were broken by the bug #934126 (check_for_git always returns false), in the http rework, and not detected by the test suite (!) This test *does* break if check_for_git always returns false. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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+set -e
+. tests/lib
+t-setup-import examplegit
+t-setup-import http-git-check
+cd $p
+git checkout -b nondgit
+t-commit 'non-dgit upload'
+cd ..
+t-dgit clone $p ./$p.2
+cd $p.2
+t-commit 'now a dgit upload again'
+t-dgit -wgf push-source
+t-pushed-good dgit/sid