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git-debrebase: Do not mind stitching an unlaundered branch
<Diziet> I discover that stitch treats non-launderedness as a snag. <Diziet> This is not quite compatible with these newfangled push-your-unlaundered-stuff workflows. <Diziet> It would be possible to make one of prepush or stitch (currently synonyms) behave differently in this respect. <spwhitton> do you know why stitch treats non-launderedness as a snag? <spwhitton> given that we expect [most people] to use `git debrebase conclude`, which launders, and never invoke `git debrebase stitch` explicitly, it would be okay to change that such that `git debrebase stitch` does not consider non-launderedness to be a snag. <Diziet> I think it does that just because I am the kind of person who thinks, when writing some routine, "what could I check here?" :-) <Diziet> I think you are perhaps right that it ought not to. <Diziet> "conclude" didn't exist then of course. <spwhitton> okay. git-debrebase(1) could note "you probably want conclude because you probably want to launder" <Diziet> Mmmm. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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