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Infra: Add dgit-repos-policy-trusting
Also add the --deliberately-fresh-repo deliberately, both to the manpage and to dgit's idea of non-fast-forward-ness. Rename the dgit test only deliberatelies to start with TEST-dgit-only- rather than having the -dgit-only at the end.
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diff --git a/tests/tests/debpolicy-newreject b/tests/tests/debpolicy-newreject
index c1192d1..b2bf6be 100755
--- a/tests/tests/debpolicy-newreject
+++ b/tests/tests/debpolicy-newreject
@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ t-expect-fail "HEAD is not a descendant of the archive's version" \
t-dgit push
t-expect-fail "Package is in NEW and has not been accepted or rejected yet" \
-t-dgit --deliberately-TEST-not-fast-forward-dgit-only push
+t-dgit --deliberately-TEST-dgit-only-not-fast-forward push
t-dgit --deliberately-not-fast-forward push