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test suite: i18n-messages: Test message translation
We test just one of the messages I provided for en_US.UTF-8. That's probably sufficient. Signed-off-by: Ian Jackson <>
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+set -e
+. tests/lib
+t-dependencies NO-DGIT GDR
+t-restrict x-dgit-out-of-tree-only
+# We don't run this test in-tree because:
+# 1. The .mo files that we would use might need to be built
+# and would certainly have to be `installed' somewhere we
+# could reference them. We could do that here maybe,
+# but it would risk dirtying the tree because the i18n
+# machinery is dirtying, and also:
+# 2. The locale system does not provide a path-like variable
+# we could use to point to our not-yet-installed .mo files.
+# There is LOCPATH but setting it breaks everything because
+# it disables `locale archives' and those are what provides
+# important infrastructure.
+t-setup-import gdr-convert-gbp-noarchive
+cd $p
+t-gdr-prep-new-upstream 2.1
+git tag v2.1 upstream
+git branch startpoint
+git checkout master
+anchor=$(t-git-debrebase anchor)
+t-expect-fail F:'old anchor is recognised' \
+t-git-debrebase --anchor=$anchor new-upstream 2.1
+t-expect-fail F:'old anchor is recognized' \
+t-git-debrebase --anchor=$anchor new-upstream 2.1