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Test suite: None of the dsd tests can be DEP-8 tested
Retain the check for .git in dsd-clone-drs, because we are going to remove this restriction in general, but can't do so for this particular test (which is inapplicable if using an installed package becaue then the source code should come via the package repositories).
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diff --git a/tests/lib b/tests/lib
index d315c4e..70ad0b1 100644
--- a/tests/lib
+++ b/tests/lib
@@ -480,6 +480,16 @@ t-drs () {
mkdir $drs_dispatch
+ if [ "x$DGIT_TEST_INTREE" = x ]; then
+ cat >&2 <<END
+dgit-repos-server is designed to run out of a git working tree
+cannot be tested in installed package (as DEP-8-intends)
+test skipped
+ exit 0
+ fi
ln -sf $root $drs_dispatch/dgit-live
ln -sf $tmp/git $drs_dispatch/repos
ln -sf $tmp/suites $tmp/dm.txt $drs_dispatch/