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diff --git a/dgit-user.7.pod b/dgit-user.7.pod
index e730052..fc0d590 100644
--- a/dgit-user.7.pod
+++ b/dgit-user.7.pod
@@ -391,15 +391,15 @@ you need to provide a source package
but don't care about its format/layout
(for example because some software you have consumes source packages,
not git histories)
-you can use this recipe to generate a C<1.0> "native"
+you can use this recipe to generate a C<3.0 (native)>
source package, which is just a tarball
with accompanying .dsc metadata file:
=over 4
- % git rm debian/source/version
- % git commit -m 'switch to 1.0 source format'
- % dgit -wgf --dpkg-buildpackage:-sn build-source
+ % echo '3.0 (native)' >debian/source/format
+ % git commit -m 'switch to native source format' debian/source/format
+ % dgit -wgf build-source