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New tools for a "git-push-to-upload" workflow [Ian Jackson & Sean Whitton]:
* New script in a new binary package: git-debpush.
- The new binary package is very small, but
+ The new binary package is small, but
+ git-debpush needs to be in src:dgit, because its test suite is the
- dgit test suite, however
+ dgit test suite; however,
+ git-debpush is functionally and conceptually independent of dgit,
- so should not go into bin:dgit.
+ so should not go into bin:dgit; in particular
+ + git-debpush's dependencies are quite different to the other
+ binary packages.
* New dgit-infrastructure subcommand, tag2upload, to process tags made
by git-debpush.
Please see git-debpush(1) for a sketch of the workflow.