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@@ -185,14 +185,19 @@ archive.
dgit push always uses the package, suite and version specified in the
debian/changelog and the .dsc, which must agree. If the command line
specifies a suite then that must match too.
+With \fB-C\fR, performs a dgit push, additionally ensuring that no
+binary packages are uploaded.
+When used on a git-debrebase branch,
+dgit calls git-debrebase
+to prepare the branch
+for source package upload and push.
\fBdgit push-source\fR [\fIsuite\fP]
Without \fB-C\fR, builds a source package and dgit pushes it. Saying
\fBdgit push-source\fR is like saying "update the source code in the
archive to match my git HEAD, and let the autobuilders do the rest."
-With \fB-C\fR, performs a dgit push, additionally ensuring that no
-binary packages are uploaded.
\fBdgit rpush\fR \fIbuild-host\fR\fB:\fR\fIbuild-dir\fR [\fIpush args...\fR]
Pushes the contents of the specified directory on a remote machine.
@@ -286,6 +291,15 @@ new quilt patch. dgit cannot convert nontrivial merges, or certain
other kinds of more exotic history. If dgit can't find a suitable
linearisation of your history, by default it will fail, but you can
ask it to generate a single squashed patch instead.
+When used with a git-debrebase branch,
+dgit will ask git-debrebase to prepare patches.
+dgit can make patches in some situations where git-debrebase fails,
+so dgit quilt-fixup can be useful in its own right.
+To always use dgit's own patch generator
+instead of git-debrebase make-patches,
+pass --git-debrebase=true to dgit.
\fBdgit import-dsc\fR [\fIsub-options\fR] \fI../path/to/.dsc\fR [\fB+\fR|\fB..\fR]branch
Import a Debian-format source package,
diff --git a/git-debrebase.1.pod b/git-debrebase.1.pod
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--- a/git-debrebase.1.pod
+++ b/git-debrebase.1.pod
@@ -230,6 +230,9 @@ are not a simple superset of those already in debian/patches,
make-patches will fail with exit status 7,
and an error message.
(The message can be suppress with --quiet-would-amend.)
+If the problem is simply that
+the existing patches were not made by git-debrebase,
+using dgit quilt-fixup instead should succeed.
=item git-debrebase convert-from-gbp [<upstream-commit-ish>]