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@@ -24,6 +24,9 @@ dgit (3.0~) unstable; urgency=medium
which leads to less duplication and so less clutter.
* Enforce a reasonable syntax for nominal distro names.
+ Docuentation [Sean Whitton]:
+ * dgit-sponsorship(7): Use --no-dep14tag. Closes:#849105.
Test suite:
* Internal improvements.
* badcommit-rewrite: Fix operation using installed version of fixup.
diff --git a/dgit-sponsorship.7.pod b/dgit-sponsorship.7.pod
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--- a/dgit-sponsorship.7.pod
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@@ -107,8 +107,6 @@ alioth is another possibility.
The branch names used by the sponsee on their local machine,
and on the server, do not matter.
-The sponsee should not make a C<debian/>I<version> tag.
Instead, the sponsee should include the
git commit id of their HEAD
in their handover email.
@@ -197,12 +195,6 @@ Check the git commit ID of the sponsee's branch tip,
and the sha256sums of the .origs,
against the handoff email.
-Confirm that the sponsee has not made
-a debian/1.2.3-1 tag.
-If they have,
-it is best to ask them to delete it now,
-as it can cause confusion later when dgit push produces its own tag.
Now you can check out the branch tip,
and do your substantive review.
@@ -245,16 +237,20 @@ or similar, to to the build, and then
C<dgit -wgf [--quilt=...] push>
to do the upload.
+Check whether the sponsee made a debian/I<version> tag.
+If they did,
+ensure you have their tag in the repository you are pushing from,
+or pass C<--no-dep14tag>.
+This avoids identically named, non-identical tags,
+which can be confusing.
(It is possible to upload from
-the quilt-cache dgit view,
-but this will cause the debian/1.2.3-1 tag to be
-placed on this branch
-rather than the sponsee's working branch.
-Since this might be confusing,
-it is a good idea to switch back to the sponsee's view,
-after reviewing and before pushing.
-If you do want to upload from the quilt-cache dgit view,
-B<do not> pass the --quilt or --gbp or --dpm option again.)
+the quilt-cache dgit view.
+If you want to do this,
+B<do not> pass the C<--quilt> or C<--gbp> or C<--dpm> options again,
+and B<do> pass C<--no-dep14tag>,
+since the debian/I<version> tag
+should go on the sponsee's branch.)
If this was the first upload done with dgit,
you may need to pass