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dgit (6.9~) unstable; urgency=medium
* dgit: do not crash on push of a new gdr package. Closes:#906784.
+ * dgit: Remove unsubstituted $changesfile from message Closes:906787.
* dgit-maint-debrebase(7): improve "Converting an existing package",
and refer to "ILLEGAL OPERATIONS" in git-debrebase(5).
Closes:#905573. [ Sean Whitton ]
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@@ -4476,9 +4476,8 @@ END
Push failed, while obtaining signatures on the .changes and .dsc.
If it was just that the signature failed, you may try again by using
-debsign by hand to sign the changes
- $changesfile
-and then dput to complete the upload.
+debsign by hand to sign the changes file (see the command dgit tried,
+above), and then dput that changes file to complete the upload.
If you need to change the package, you must use a new version number.
if ($we_are_responder) {