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@@ -208,16 +208,29 @@ They should be made just before (ideally, part of) dgit push.
(optionally, can use some other commit which is ff
from all of the above, eg one of them)
-2. git-debrebase stitch
+2. git-debrebase stitch [--noop-ok]
makes pseudomerge with will-overwrite
deletes will-overwrite
+ we will teach dgit to do
+ git-debrebase stitch
3. git-debrebase push
like git push only does stitch first
??? command line parsing!
+4. git-debrebase release
+ stiches, finalises changelog, signs tags, pushes everything
+ for the future, when there is some automatic builder
+will-overwrite for each ref
+ refs/heads/FOO
+ refs/ffrebase/FOO
import from gbp