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@@ -274,3 +274,43 @@ ideally, would make pseudomerge over dgit view
would need to check that dgit view is actually dgit view of
ond of our ancestors
failing that first push will need --overwrite
+divergence, merges:
+same problem
+ if merge, look at branches before merge
+ generate new combined branch
+ pseudomerge to overwrite merge
+current avaiable strategies:
+ maybe launder foreign branch
+ if foreign branch is nmuish, can rebase it onto ours
+ could merge breakwaters (use analyse to find them)
+ merge breakwaters (assuming same upstream)
+ manually construct new patch queue by inspection of
+ the other two patch queues
+ instead of manually constructing patch queue, could use
+ gbp pq export and git merge the patch queues
+ (ie work with interdiffs)
+ if upstreams are different and one is ahead
+ simply treat that as "ours" and
+ do the work to import changes from the other
+ if upstreams have diverged, can
+ resolve somehow to make new upstream
+ do new-upstream on each branch separately
+ now reduced to previously "solved" problem
+ in future, auto patch queue merge algorithm
+ determine next patch to apply
+ there are three versions o..O, l..L, r..R
+ we have already constructed m (previous patch or merged breakwater)
+ try using vector calculus in the implied cube and compute
+ multiple ways to check consistency ?