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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ dgit (0.17~experimental4) experimental; urgency=low
order so that we use the correct Description (the _source one,
not the one from sbuild which didn't get e.g. -v<version>).
* Clarify the manpage's comments about orig tarballs. Closes: #723605.
+ * Abolish the sshdakls method and replace it with sshpsql: that is, ssh
+ (to coccia, by default) and run sql commands on the ftpmaster
+ database. This is faster and has fewer bugs but is vulnerable to db
+ schema changes. Closes:#726955. Closes:#720170. Closes:#720176.
* Fix the "shellquote" command to work properly. The bugs in it ought
not to have caused any real trouble in previous versions of dgit.