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dgit (2.9~) unstable; urgency=low
+ * Split brain mode: Fix --new. Closes:#842354.
+ * During push, automatically calculate which .origs are required,
+ so user never needs [--ch:]-sa or [--ch:]-sd. Closes:#829116.
+ * Properly look for .origs etc. in .., fetching them less often.
+ Closes:#842386.
+ * New import-dsc feature.
+ * Test suite: Explicitly configure and, so
+ that tests work when environment doesn't have defaults.
+ Closes:#842279 (I hope).
+ * New option --dgit-view-save= for split view quilt modes.
+ In particular, means that the output of a split view quilt-fixup
+ is left somewhere useful.
+ * dgit clone: Set timestamps in cloned tree to a single unified time.
+ This makes it less likely that the user will trip over any
+ timestamp-dependent FTBFS bugs (eg #842452).
+ * Support dgit --delayed= push (with a warning in the manpage
+ about possible skew).
+ * dgit gbp-build will arrange to let gbp buildpackage generate
+ .orig tarballs if it seems applicable. Closes:#841094.
+ * Reject `dgit pull' in split view quilt modes, to avoid
+ creating unfortunate wreckage on non-dgit-view branches.
+ Closes:#842608.
+ * Cope when cloning suite which doesn't receive uploads,
+ like testing. Closes:#842621.
+ * Properly fetch all archive dgit view tags, as we intended.
+ * Actually provide a -p (--package=) option (!)
* dgit-*(7). Many new tutorial manpages, several written and many
improved by Sean Whitton.
* dgit(7): Substantial updates, including documenting split view.