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@@ -71,7 +71,10 @@ The git branch.
=item *
-Any .orig tarballs which will be needed.
+Any .orig tarballs which will be needed,
+or sample git-archive(1)
+or gbp-buildpackage(1)
+command(s) to generate them.
=item *
@@ -119,8 +122,16 @@ in their handover email.
If there are any .origs that are not in the archive already,
the sponsor will need them as part of the upload.
-The simplest approach is to
-commit them with pristine-tar(1), e.g.
+If the sponsee generated these tarballs with git-archive(1)
+or gbp-buildpackage(1),
+they can simply include a sample invocation of git-archive(1)
+or ensure that a suitable gbp.conf is present
+in the source package
+to generate the tarball.
+Otherwise, the simplest approach is to
+commit the orig tarballs
+with pristine-tar(1), e.g.
=over 4
@@ -138,7 +149,8 @@ or attach to the e-mail,
if they are small.
The sponsee should quote sha256sums of the .origs in their
-handoff email.
+handoff email,
+unless they supplied commands to generate them.