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@@ -665,6 +665,24 @@ By default, dgit looks in the parent directory
.BI --no-rm-on-error
Do not delete the destination directory if clone fails.
+.BI --dep14tag
+Generates a DEP-14 tag (eg
+.BR debian/ \fIversion\fR)
+as well as a dgit tag (eg
+.BR archive/debian/ \fIversion\fR)
+where possible. This is the default.
+.BI --no-dep14tag
+Do not generate a DEP-14 tag, except in split quilt view mode.
+(On servers where only the old tag format is supported,
+the dgit tag will have the DEP-14 name.
+This option does not prevent that.)
+.BI --dep14tag-always
+Insist on generating a DEP-14 tag
+as well as a dgit tag.
+If the server does not support that, dgit push will fail.
.BI -D
Prints debugging information to stderr. Repeating the option produces
more output (currently, up to -DDDD is meaningfully different).
@@ -999,6 +1017,8 @@ or when pushing and
.BI dgit-distro. distro .dgit-tag-format
+.BR dgit-distro. \fIdistro\fR .dep14tag " " want | no | always
.BI dgit-distro. distro .ssh
.BI dgit-distro. distro .sshpsql-dbname