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@@ -243,7 +243,11 @@ servers.
.BI -k keyid
.I keyid
-for signing the tag and the upload.
+for signing the tag and the upload. The default comes from the
+.B keyid
+config setting (see CONFIGURATION, below), or failing that, gnupg's
.BR --no-sign
does not sign tags or uploads (meaningful only with push).
@@ -459,7 +463,12 @@ Usually, for passing options to dpkg-genchanges, you should use
See notes above regarding ssh and dgit.
NB that --gpg:option is not supported (because debsign does not
-have that facility). But see -k.
+have that facility).
+But see
+.B -k
+and the
+.B keyid
+distro config setting.
.BR -d "\fIdistro\fR | " --distro= \fIdistro\fR
Specifies that the suite to be operated on is part of distro
@@ -612,6 +621,8 @@ but, setting this to false will avoid relying on the mirror of the dgit
git repository server.
.BI dgit-distro. distro .keyid
+See also
+.BR -k .
.BI dgit-distro. distro .mirror " url"