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@@ -159,6 +159,9 @@ the built source package not being identical to the git tree.
In more detail: dgit push checks that the current HEAD corresponds to
the .dsc. It then pushes the HEAD to the suite's dgit-repos branch,
+adjusts the .changes to include any .origs which the archive lacks
+and exclude .origs which the archive has
+(so -sa and -sd are not needed when building for dgit push),
makes a signed git tag, edits the .dsc to contain the dgit metadata
field, runs debsign to sign the upload (.dsc and .changes), pushes the
signed tag, and finally uses dput to upload the .changes to the
@@ -241,6 +244,60 @@ other kinds of more exotic history. If dgit can't find a suitable
linearisation of your history, by default it will fail, but you can
ask it to generate a single squashed patch instead.
+\fBdgit import-dsc\fR [\fIsub-options\fR] \fI../path/to/.dsc\fR [\fB+\fR|\fB..\fR]branch
+Import a Debian-format source package,
+specified by its .dsc,
+into git,
+the way dgit fetch would do.
+This does about half the work of dgit fetch:
+it will convert the .dsc into a new, orphan git branch.
+Since dgit has no access to a corresponding source package archive
+or knowledge of the history
+it does not consider whether this version is newer
+than any previous import
+or corresponding git branches;
+and it therefore does not
+make a pseudomerge to bind the import
+into any existing git history.
+There is only only sub-option:
+.B --require-valid-signature
+causes dgit to insist that the signature on the .dsc is valid
+(using the same criteria as dpkg-source -x).
+Otherwise, dgit tries to verify the signature but
+the outcome is reported only as messages to stderr.
+.I branch
+is prefixed with
+.B +
+then if it already exists, it will be simply ovewritten,
+no matter its existing contents.
+.I branch
+is prefixed with
+.B ..
+then if it already exists
+and dgit actually imports the dsc
+(rather than simply reading the git commit out of the Dgit field),
+dgit will make a pseudomerge
+so that the result is necessarily fast forward
+from the existing branch.
+Otherwise, if branch already exists,
+dgit will stop with an error message.
+.I branch
+does not start with refs/, refs/heads/ is prepended.
+The specified branch is unconditionally updated.
+If the specified .dsc contains a Dgit field,
+dgit will simply make a branch of that commit.
+If you cannot manage to find that commit anywhere,
+consider --force-import-dsc-with-dgit-field.
.B dgit version
Prints version information and exits.
@@ -376,6 +433,45 @@ git history, so that your push is a fast forward from the archive.
implying a split between the dgit view and the
maintainer view, the pseudo-merge will appear only in the dgit view.)
+.BR --delayed =\fIdays\fR
+Upload to a DELAYED queue.
+If the maintainer responds by cancelling
+your upload from the queue,
+and does not make an upload of their own,
+this will not rewind the git branch on the dgit git server.
+Other dgit users will then see your push
+(with a warning message from dgit)
+even though the maintainer wanted to abolish it.
+Such users might unwittingly reintroduce your changes.
+If this situation arises,
+someone should make a suitable dgit push
+to update the contents of dgit-repos
+to a version without the controversial changes.
+.BR --dgit-view-save= \fIbranch\fR|\fIref\fR
+Specifies that when a split view quilt mode is in operation,
+and dgit calculates
+(or looks up in its cache)
+a dgit view corresponding to your HEAD,
+the dgit view will be left in
+.IR ref .
+The specified ref is unconditionally overwritten,
+so don't specify a branch you want to keep.
+This option is effective only with the following operations:
+quilt-fixup; push; all builds.
+And it is only effective with
+If ref does not start with refs/
+it is taken to to be a branch -
+i.e. refs/heads/ is prepended.
.BI --deliberately- something
Declare that you are deliberately doing
.IR something .
@@ -595,7 +691,11 @@ Specifies a single additional option to pass, eventually, to
Options which are safe to pass include
-.BR "-si -sa -sd -C" .
+.BR -C
+(and also
+.BR "-si -sa -sd"
+although these should never be necessary with Debian since dgit
+automatically calculates whether .origs need to be uploaded.)
For other options the caveat below applies.
@@ -734,6 +834,13 @@ These options are provided as an escape hatch,
in case dgit is confused.
(They might also be useful for testing error cases.)
+.B --import-dsc-with-dgit-field
+Tell dgit import-dsc to treat a .dsc with a Dgit field
+like one without it.
+The result is a fresh import,
+discarding the git history
+that the person who pushed that .dsc was working with.
.B --force-unrepresentable
Carry on even if
dgit thinks that your git tree contains changes
@@ -741,6 +848,11 @@ dgit thinks that your git tree contains changes
which dpkg-source is not able to represent.
Your build or push will probably fail later.
+.B --force-changes-origs-exactly
+Use the set of .origs specified in your .changes, exactly,
+without regard to what is in the archive already.
+The archive may well reject your upload.
.B --force-unsupported-source-format
Carry on despite dgit not understanding your source package format.
dgit will probably mishandle it.