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@@ -155,6 +155,9 @@ the built source package not being identical to the git tree.
In more detail: dgit push checks that the current HEAD corresponds to
the .dsc. It then pushes the HEAD to the suite's dgit-repos branch,
+adjusts the .changes to include any .origs which the archive lacks
+and exclude .origs which the archive has
+(so -sa and -sd are not needed when building for dgit push),
makes a signed git tag, edits the .dsc to contain the dgit metadata
field, runs debsign to sign the upload (.dsc and .changes), pushes the
signed tag, and finally uses dput to upload the .changes to the
@@ -591,7 +594,11 @@ Specifies a single additional option to pass, eventually, to
Options which are safe to pass include
-.BR "-si -sa -sd -C" .
+.BR -C
+(and also
+.BR "-si -sa -sd"
+although these should never be necessary with Debian since dgit
+automatically calculates whether .origs need to be uploaded.)
For other options the caveat below applies.