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@@ -95,9 +95,7 @@ the remote tracking branch for dgit/suite.
.BR --dry-run | -n
Go through the motions, fetching all information needed, but do not
-actually update the output(s). For fetch and pull, dgit determines
-which git commit corresponds to the archive but does not update
-remotes/dgit/dgit/suite or do any merge. For push, dgit does
+actually update the output(s). For push, dgit does
the required checks and leaves the new .dsc in a temporary file,
but does not sign, tag, push or upload.
@@ -167,3 +165,6 @@ The error messages are often unhelpfully terse and tend to refer to
line numbers in dgit.
The option parser requires values to be cuddled to the option name.
+--dry-run often does not work with fetch, even though this is a
+logically plausible request. (It fails, instead.)