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@@ -17,6 +17,10 @@ dgit \- git integration with the Debian archive
.B dgit
+[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBpbuilder\fP|\fBcowbuilder\fP
+.B dgit
[\fIdgit\-opts\fP] \fBpush\fP|\fBpush-source\fP [\fIdgit\-opts\fP]
@@ -194,6 +198,34 @@ You probably want to pass -A, to request those.
Tagging, signing and actually uploading should be left to dgit push.
+\fBdgit pbuilder\fR [\fIdebbuildopts\fP]
+Like \fBdgit sbuild\fR, but uses
+.B pbuilder
+instead of
+.BR sbuild ,
+and builds arch-independent packages by default.
+You should ensure that your dgit --build-products-dir setting matches
+your pbuilder --buildresult.
+The \fIdebbuildopts\fP are passed to pbuilder using its --debbuildopts
+option. If you want to pass other options to pbuilder, use the
+\fB--pbuilder:\fR dgit option as described below
+(recalling that dgit options should appear between \fBdgit\fR and
+You should ensure that in your pbuilderrc you do
+.B not
+have the setting
+as this may cause trouble.
+\fBdgit cowbuilder\fR [\fIdebbuildopts\fP]
+Like \fBdgit pbuilder\fR, but uses
+.B cowbuilder
+instead of
+.B pbuilder.
\fBdgit gbp-build\fR ...
.B git-buildpackage
@@ -922,6 +954,8 @@ Specifies a single additional option to pass to
.BR dpkg-buildpackage ,
.BR dpkg-genchanges ,
.BR sbuild ,
+.BR pbuilder ,
+.BR cowbuilder ,
.BR ssh ,
.BR dgit ,
.BR git-debrebase ,
@@ -969,6 +1003,8 @@ Specifies alternative programs to use instead of
.BR dpkg-buildpackage ,
.BR dpkg-genchanges ,
.BR sbuild ,
+.BR pbuilder ,
+.BR cowbuilder ,
.BR gpg ,
.BR ssh ,
.BR dgit ,
@@ -1007,6 +1043,14 @@ In both cases,
unusually, the specified value is split on whitespace
to produce a command and possibly some options and/or arguments.
+For pbuilder and cowbuilder, the defaults are
+.BR "sudo -E pbuilder"
+.BR "sudo -E cowbuilder"
+Like with gbp-build and gbp pq,
+the specified value is split on whitespace.
.BR ssh ,
the default value is taken from the