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@@ -877,14 +877,20 @@ Note that \fBdgit push-source\fR will always find the right .changes,
regardless of this option.
.BI --build-products-dir= directory
-Specifies where to find the built files to be uploaded.
-By default, dgit looks in the parent directory
+Specifies where to find and create tarballs, binry packages,
+source packages, .changes files, and so on.
+By default, dgit uses the parent directory
.RB ( .. ).
-Also see the
+Changing this setting may necessitate
+moving .orig tarballs to the new directory,
+so it is probably best to
+use the
-configuration option
-(which this command line option overrides).
+configuration setting
+(see CONFIGURATION, below)
+which this command line option overrides).
.BI --no-rm-on-error
Do not delete the destination directory if clone fails.