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@@ -248,7 +248,22 @@ more output (currently, up to -DD is meaningfully different).
Specifies a git configuration option. dgit itself is also controlled
by git configuration options.
-.RI \fB-v\fR version |\fB-m\fR maintaineraddress
+.RI \fB-v\fR version "|\fB_\fR | " \fB--since-version=\fR version |\fB_\fR
+Specifies the
+.BI -v version
+option to pass to dpkg-genchanges, during builds. Changes (from
+debian/changelog) since this version will be included in the built
+changes file, and hence in the upload. If this option is not
+specified, dgit will query the archive and use the latest version
+uploaded to the intended suite.
+.B _
+inhibits this, so that no -v option will be passed to dpkg-genchanges
+(and as a result, only the last stanza from debian/changelog will
+be used for the build and upload).
+.RI \fB-m\fR maintaineraddress
Passed to dpkg-genchanges (eventually).
.RI \fB--ch:\fR option