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+=head1 OPTIONS
+This section documents the general options
+to git-debrebase
+(ie, the ones which follow git-debrebase).
+Individual operations may have their own options which are
+docuented under each operation.
+=item -f<problem-id>
+Turns problems with id <problem-id> into warnings.
+Some troublesome things which git-debrebase encounters
+are B<problem>s.
+(The specific instances are discussed
+in the text for the relvant operation.)
+When a problem is detected,
+a message is printed to stderr containing the problem id
+(in the form C<-f<problem-idE<gt>>),
+along with some prose.
+If problems are detected, git-debrebase does not continue,
+unless the relevant -f<problem-id> is specified,
+or --force is specified.
+=item --force
+Turns all problems into warnings.
+See the -f<problem-id> option.
+Do not invoke git-debrebase --force in scripts and aliases;
+instead, specify the particular -f<problem-id> for expected problems.
+=item --noop-ok
+Suppresses the error in
+some situations where git-debrebase does nothing,
+because there is nothing to do.
+The specific instances are discussed
+in the text for the relvant operation.
+=item --anchor=<commitish>
+Treats <commitish> as an anchor,
+regardless of what it's actually like.
+(It is a problem for
+git-debrebase new-upstream operations
+if <commitish> is the previous anchor to be used,
+because treating an arbitrary commit as an anchor
+means forgoing upstream coherency checks.)
+=item -D
+Requests (more) debugging. May be repeated.
Several operations unstitch and launder the branch first.