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@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ testing the translation machinery, and since the source native
language is en_GB, there is not much other need for the en_US
+The threshold for generation of a translated documents has been set to
+10% (of each individual document). The documents are quite sectional
+and I expect even a partially translated document to be useful.
Translatation priorities
@@ -121,3 +125,18 @@ In po4a/
translated and compiled manpages which can
be previewed with `man -l', and prints a
list of appropriate `man -l' commands.
+Committing and contributing your translation
+When you're done you'll need to commit the changes you have made to
+your language's po files. If you started a new translation, don't
+forget to `git add' your new files !
+The easiest way to contribute your translation is probably for you to
+file a Merge Request on Sala:
+Contributions via the Debian Bug Tracking System are also