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* Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgit/dgit/sid' into experimentaldebian/5.5+exp2archive/debian/5.5+exp2Ian Jackson2018-06-28
| * changelog: finalise 5.5debian/5.5archive/debian/5.5Ian Jackson2018-06-28
| * dgit(1): Fix a wrong reference to \fp, which should be \fP.Ian Jackson2018-06-28
| * debian/control: Add missing commaIan Jackson2018-06-28
| * changelog: start 5.5Ian Jackson2018-06-28
* | New gnupg agent thingIan Jackson2018-06-28
* | No-change upload, for testing.debian/5.4+exp1archive/debian/5.4+exp1Ian Jackson2018-06-28
* | Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgit/dgit/experimental' into HEADIan Jackson2018-06-28
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * No-change upload, for testing.debian/5.3+exp1archive/debian/5.3+exp1Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* | changelog: finalise 5.4debian/5.4archive/debian/5.4Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* | test suite: gdr-viagit, gdr-newupstream: do not auto-import t-setup-gnupg.Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* | dgit(1): Better description of --overwrite.Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* | changelog: Fix bug ref to #865444 in previous changelog entry.Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* | changelog: start 5.4Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* changelog: finalise 5.3debian/5.3archive/debian/5.3Ian Jackson2018-06-27
* dgit(7): Add discussion of quilt fixup error messagesIan Jackson2018-06-27
* dgit: Better message formatting when --overwrite may be neededIan Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: --overwrite test: Be more tolerant of exact messageIan Jackson2018-06-27
* dgit(1): Mention in --overwrite that it is usually needed for first dgit pushIan Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: Test ill-advised repeat dgit push after git push failsIan Jackson2018-06-27
* dgit: Do not introduce duplicate origs in .changes filesIan Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: Test GIT_REFLOG_ACTION setting by git-debrebaseIan Jackson2018-06-26
* git-debrebase new-upstream: Provide better reflog entriesIan Jackson2018-06-26
* ref updates: Break out git_reflog_action_msgIan Jackson2018-06-26
* ref updates: Honour GIT_REFLOG_ACTION everywhere.Ian Jackson2018-06-26
* ref updates: Introduce update_ref_cmdIan Jackson2018-06-26
* changelog: start 5.3~Ian Jackson2018-06-24
* changelog: finalise 5.2debian/5.2archive/debian/5.2Ian Jackson2018-06-24
* test suite: dgit/gdr interop: test make-patches exiting 7Ian Jackson2018-06-22
* test suite: lib-gdr: t-some-changes: Honour $2 `dum'Ian Jackson2018-06-22
* dgit: git-debrebase interop: Actually tolerate git-debrebase status 7Ian Jackson2018-06-22
* dgit: git-debrebase interop: Add a missing debugcmd debugging print.Ian Jackson2018-06-22
* dgit: warn if vcs-git seems out of dateIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: Provide `update-vcs-git' subcommandIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit-user(7): Suggest sbuild-debian-developer-setup(1)Sean Whitton2018-06-21
* test suite: Test that --new --overwrite works properly.Ian Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit(1): Clarify that --overwrite does nothing if not needed.Ian Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: --overwrite now no longer crashes if there is no $archive_hashIan Jackson2018-06-21
* test suite: Use nproc(1) rather than Sys::CPU.Ian Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: Non-noop git fetch is not available with --dry-run, so failIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit, Clarify error framing a bitIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: Improve message for discrepant quilt fixupIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: quiltify_splitbrain: Pass $oldtiptree (o+d/p) tooIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: test suite: quilt-singlepatch: Test that we can remove everythingIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit: commit_quilty_patch: Handle other file statuses tooIan Jackson2018-06-21
* dgit build: Better message when network is offline.Ian Jackson2018-06-20
* dgit(1): Mention under `dgit build' that it uses the network.Ian Jackson2018-06-20
* changelog: start 5.2~Ian Jackson2018-06-20
* changelog: finalise 5.1debian/5.1archive/debian/5.1Ian Jackson2018-06-20
* changelog: document changes so farIan Jackson2018-06-20