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* Test suite: lib t-untar of an edited tartree: do not hardlinkIan Jackson2016-07-03
| | | | | | Some of the tools we use, it turns out, do not update properly: they overwrite in place. This can cause inadvertant changes to a tartree opened for editing.
* Tests: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Better commit messages for dirty tressIan Jackson2016-07-03
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo generates remote/TT-HEADIan Jackson2016-07-03
| | | | Simply HEAD is not displayed by gitk, which is rather a shame.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Remerge on fetchIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | When we unmerged some old A+B merged refs, make a note to merge them again. This saves the user calling gitfetchinfo-merge again.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Be a bit more carefulIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | * Turn on perl warnings * Use strict * When removing old merged refs, insist that we aren't handling A+A
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Unmerge merged refsIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | | | | | | | The sequence gitfetchinfo-merge A B gitfetchinfo A gitfetchinfo-merge A B might leave inappropriate A+B refs, because nothing would delete them. So, have gitfetchinfo A unmerge any A+B or B+A refs. (This does mean that the user of gitfetchinfo A is now promising that any remotes A+B or B+A were made with gitfetchinfo-merge.)
* Test suite: tartree-edit: gitfetchinfo: Specify commit timestampsIan Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | | | We want the commit timestamps to be predictable (ie, to depend on the source info only), so that we don't show spurious disagreement between two working trees. So, use the timestamp of the HEAD commit.
* Test suite: tartree-edit: Provide facility for comparing sets of git refsIan Jackson2016-07-02
* Test suite: tartree-edit: break out git_manip_play (nfc)Ian Jackson2016-07-02
* Test suite: Provide `tartree-edit gitfetchinfo'Ian Jackson2016-07-02
| | | | Help with comparing different test case git working tree tarballs.
* Test suite: Test build modes -g and -GIan Jackson2016-07-01
* quilt fixup: When using git-reset, pass -qIan Jackson2016-07-01
* dgit-repos-policy-debian: better error message when git-cat-file produces ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | unexpected output
* dgit sbuild no longer deletes extranious .changes files; instead we rely on ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | --rm-old-changes, or failing that, fail early.
* No longer tolerate a multitude of .changes files when doing push.Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | | | | | | | | | Instead, insist on a single one. This eliminates a potential for a variety of surprises, where dgit would upload something different to the user expected. We no longer need to behave this way because nowadays the sbuild build (which was the real use case, because it would generate a .source and a .ARCH changes as well as the final .multi) renames the intermediate changes files. Also --rm-old-changes helps.
* Remove any pre-existing _source.changes file before building source, as a ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | safety check.
* Tests: Use --rm-old-changes in build-mode testsIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | | Soon, we are going to be stricter about detecting ambiguity about which .changes file is intended when different build modes have been used.
* Introduce --rm-old-changes to delete previous builds' changes files.Ian Jackson2016-07-01
* dgit(1): Document the dgit-distro.DISTRO.quilt-mode config setting.Ian Jackson2016-07-01
* Break out changespat (no functional change)Ian Jackson2016-07-01
* When running dpkg-buildpackage, cope if user specified -g or -G.Ian Jackson2016-07-01
* sbuild: Check that the binary .changes file doesn't contain a .dsc.Ian Jackson2016-07-01
* sbuild: Rename the used-up .changes files to `.inmulti'Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | This avoids accidental use of the wrong one (by software, or by users).
* sbuild:: check that we have the right number of .changes filesIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | Check that the set of .changes files found is as we expect, before calling mergechanges.
* Test suite: Test quilt single-debian-patchIan Jackson2016-07-01
* Increase sqlite_busy_timeout in debpolicy-dbretryIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | zealot is very slow and we need to give the other processes time to rollback and release the lock.
* test suite: Remove spurious .debs from example_1.0.tarIan Jackson2016-07-01
* Set GIT_COMMITTER_DATE and GIT_AUTHOR_DATEIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | This avoids most date dependencies: unless other measures are taken, the commits and tags are identical iff they are constructed identically. This makes the test suite more deterministic. In drs-push-rejects test, increment them explicitly, so as to make all of mktag's tags distinct objects. Otherwise it can generate identical tags (now, always; previously, only sometimes on fast computers), causing spurious variations in behaviour (eg, things not being rejected because they do not represent any change).
* build_source: Fix bad Perl poetry styleIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | Pass --ch:* and -v options to dpkg-buildpackage when building source. Fixes bad Perl poetry syntax. Closes:#829121.
* Properly substitute $changesfile in one of the `You can retry' messages. ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | Closes:#800078.
* Print better error message (with `fail' rather than `die') if `dgit clone' ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | cannot create the destination directory.
* Do not call "warn" on failure of cleanup handler in END block (since warn ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | has been made fatal and aborts the cleanup chain).
* When cleaning up after failed clone, stat the to-be-cleaned-up directory ↵Ian Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | before running rmtree on it. Closes:#796773.
* Put --no-arch-all in build-modes-sbuild act, not only its real_actIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | Cosmetic change only.
* Test suite: When sbuild fails, do not crashIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | ... due to sed not finding the log file. Instead, simply tolerate the absence of the log file.
* sbuild; Do not pass -AIan Jackson2016-07-01
| | | | | | | | | | Incompatible change: * dgit sbuild does not pass -A to sbuild. Consequently the default build is now simply sbuild's default. With older sbuilds it was possible to override dgit's -A by passing another option. But this has been changed recently and now this default setting is very awkward to change for the dgit user.
* finalise 1.4debian/1.4Ian Jackson2015-08-22
* changelog: ImproveIan Jackson2015-08-22
* quilt-fixup checks that the git tree is clean, as for build-prep.Ian Jackson2015-08-22
* Test suite: run quilt-fixup with -wgf in distropatches-reject, so that we ↵Ian Jackson2015-08-22
| | | | don't need build-depends.
* forbidden files: check them properlyIan Jackson2015-08-22
* With dgit sbuild, pass our -d before the user's arguments, so that the user ↵Ian Jackson2015-08-21
| | | | can override it. Closes:#796019.
* quilt fixup: single-debian-patch is still broken in wheezyIan Jackson2015-08-21
| | | | | | Because dpkg-source -b breaks with single-debian-patch when the .pc is missing, so this depends on split execution of the source package build.
* quilt fixup: A few more progress messagesIan Jackson2015-08-21
* Reject debian/source/local-patch-headerIan Jackson2015-08-21
* quilt fixup: quilt_fixup_linkorigs more debugging outputIan Jackson2015-08-21
* Cope properly with `3.0 (quilt)' with single-debian-patch. Closes:#796016.Ian Jackson2015-08-21
* quilt fixup: Break out quilt_fixup_delete_pc (nfc)Ian Jackson2015-08-21
* quilt fixup: Break out quilt_fixup_linkorigs (nfc)Ian Jackson2015-08-21
* quilt fixup: Break out quilt_fixup_mkwork (nfc)Ian Jackson2015-08-21