Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Fix pod syntaxIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: lib: t-git-fsck: put dgit-test-fsck.errs in git dirIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: t-git-fsck: Introduce fsckerrs variableIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Do not fail if we have no tty when we failIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Fix sleep length in apt-get gpg --import caseIan Jackson2018-01-07
* changelog: Document gnupg workaroundsIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: In ad-hoc runs, honour DGIT_TEST_RETRY_COUNTIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Do not count as "trouble" a 0-byte input file failureIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Save stdin on apt-key's import invocationsIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Run with a lock heldIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: Export troot as an environment variableIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg: Have three goes, rather than twoIan Jackson2018-01-07
* test suite: gnupg setup: give each individual test its own AGENT.logIan Jackson2018-01-07
* Merge branch stable into masterIan Jackson2018-01-07
| * changelog: finalise 3.13debian/3.13archive/debian/3.13Ian Jackson2017-10-22
| * test suite: Add missing `chiark-utils-bin' to Test-Depends.Ian Jackson2017-10-22
| * dgit: Add missing `use' for Dpkg::Compresson et al.Ian Jackson2017-10-22
| * changelog: Start 3.13~Ian Jackson2017-10-22
* | dgit: When source discrepancy involves mode changes, report them specially.Ian Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit: Fix suggested diff rune in split brain modeIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit: Fix message about missing quilt cache entryIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | debian/control: Remove dependency alternative on realpathIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit(1): Add a bit more rationale (polemic, even). Closes:#874221.Ian Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit-user(7): Recommend mk-build-deps rather than apt-get build-dep.Ian Jackson2018-01-06
* | changelog: mention dgit-*(7) changeIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit-*(7): --deliberately-not-fast-forward for first dgit pushSean Whitton2018-01-06
* | changelog: mention dgit-maint-merge changes (more)Ian Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Include instructions to clone existing repoSean Whitton2018-01-06
* | changelog: mention dgit-maint-merge changesIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Mandate pushing upstream branch to aliothSean Whitton2018-01-06
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Restructure "NEW UPSTREAM RELEASES"Sean Whitton2018-01-06
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Configure --merge-mode for gbp-import-orig(1)Sean Whitton2018-01-06
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Create an empty branch for upstream sourceSean Whitton2018-01-06
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-docs: Correct restrictionIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | changelog: document Sean's changesIan Jackson2017-08-15
* | dgit: Fix trailing whitespaceSean Whitton2017-08-15
* | changelog: Fix typoSean Whitton2017-08-15
* | changelog: start 4.2Ian Jackson2017-08-15
* | changelog: finalise 4.1debian/4.1archive/debian/4.1Ian Jackson2017-08-14
* | changelog: Document test suite changesIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: gitworktree: Test quiltificationIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: gitworktree: Add some more operationsIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-correct: Test that the rune DTRTIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | dgit: dpkg_source_ignores: Exclude the right set of thingsIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | dgit: Properly shellquote --git-builder argument to gbpIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-docs: Use print-dpkg-source-ignoresIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | dgit: print-dpkg-source-ignores actionIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-docs: Check dgit-maint-merge(7) -i -I runeIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Add ' ' around -i\.git/Ian Jackson2017-08-04
* | dgit-maint-merge(7): Reformat slightlyIan Jackson2017-08-04