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* dgit(1): Add caveat about multisuite-generated branchesIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: clone-reprepro: Use stunt parsechangelogIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Better error message for inappropriate multi-suiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Document multisuiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: reprepro: Test multisuite with package absent in suiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: multisuite: New testIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Implement multi-suitesIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: lib-reprepro: cope with non-codenamed suitesIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: t-archive: DTRT if $suite is not sidIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Actually honour the branch name for $isuite, if we are on dgit branchIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Print a debug message if clone removes due to errorIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Move canonicalise_suite into fetch()Ian Jackson2016-11-07
* clone: Postpone canonicalise_suiteIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Make clone_set_head not depend on $giturlIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: clone: Break out clone_set_head and clone_finishIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: fetch_from_archive: Break out _record_1 and _2.Ian Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: Always print canonical suite nameIan Jackson2016-11-07
* dgit: printdone: Use $us.Ian Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Pass --force-distribution to dchIan Jackson2016-11-07
* Test suite: Provide reprepro test (for aptget method)Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: orig-include-exclude: Remove some commented-out obsolete bitIan Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: Introduce $t_archive_methodIan Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: canonicalise_suite_aptget: Add a bit of debugIan Jackson2016-11-06
* Support the Debian *-security suites.Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: aptget archive access methodIan Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: config: Allow dgit-suite.PATTERN.distroIan Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: Introduce access_nomdistro()Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: Introduce archive_query_prepend_mirrorIan Jackson2016-11-06
* dgit: parsecontrol: Support $allowsigned (nfc)Ian Jackson2016-11-06
* Test suite: Add fakeroot and make to Test-Depends.Ian Jackson2016-11-01
* changelog: start 2.10~Ian Jackson2016-11-01
* finalise 2.9archive/debian/2.9Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit(1): Better summaries of dgit-maint-merge(7) and dgit-maint-gbp(7)Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-user(7): Suggest "3.0 (native)" rather than bodging 1.0 nativeIan Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-sponsorship(7): Suggest supplying sample git-archive(1) cmdsSean Whitton2016-10-31
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Drop subpoint about "nonlinear histories"Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-maint-merge(7): Do not cross-reference nonexistent dgit-maint-rebase(7)Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* dgit-nmu-simple(7): Remove obsolete caution about lack of DELAYED supportIan Jackson2016-10-31
* changelog: Organise for 2.9Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* changelog: Set urgency to medium - many bugfixesIan Jackson2016-10-31
* Test suite: import-dsc: Work in formal (adt) modeIan Jackson2016-10-31
* Fix changelog entry for SIGPIPE to correctly mention Closes:#841090. Closes:#...Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* changelog: Fix ref to #842577Ian Jackson2016-10-31
* Merge branch 'wip.tutorials' into wipIan Jackson2016-10-30
| * Merge remote-tracking branch 'spwhitton/wip.tutorials-new' into wip.tutorialsIan Jackson2016-10-30
| |\
| | * dgit-maint-native(7): Soften warning about uglinessSean Whitton2016-10-30
| * | dgit(1): Recommend -nmu-simple(7) for DDs only, not DMsIan Jackson2016-10-30
| |/
| * dgit(1): Remove obsolete workflow information.Ian Jackson2016-10-30
| * dgit-nmu-simple(7): Mention vcs-gitIan Jackson2016-10-30
| * dgit-maint-native(7): New manpageIan Jackson2016-10-30