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* playground refactoring: Expose $local_git_cfgIan Jackson2017-08-03
* playground refactoring: dgit: Make prep_ud no longer take a directoryIan Jackson2017-08-03
* Revert "Dgit: Introduce in_workarea and fresh_workarea"Ian Jackson2017-08-02
* playground: playtree: rename from workareaIan Jackson2017-08-02
* Dgit: break must_getcwd out into Dgit.pmIan Jackson2017-08-02
* changelog: document refactoringIan Jackson2017-07-26
* dgit: factor out build_or_push_prep_early subSean Whitton2017-07-26
* cmd_push: Factor out all prep codeSean Whitton2017-07-26
* dgit: Refactor to create human-readable $subcommandSean Whitton2017-07-26
* in_workarea: Use changedirIan Jackson2017-07-19
* changedir: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-19
* Dgit: Introduce in_workarea and fresh_workareaIan Jackson2017-07-19
* git_slurp_config_src: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-19
* workarea_setup: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* dgit: simplify gitattrs setup in mktree_in_ud_hereIan Jackson2017-07-18
* $negate_harmful_gitattrs: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* runcmd: Break out from dgitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* test suite: sbuild-gitish: Find sbuild rune in the manpageIan Jackson2017-07-18
* dgit-user(7): Provide information about how to use sbuildIan Jackson2017-07-18
* dgit-user(7): Fixed example rune to use curlIan Jackson2017-07-18
* sbuild-gitish: New test case to check running sbuild from gitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* Merge branch 'stable' into HEADIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * changelog: finalise 3.12debian/3.12archive/debian/3.12Ian Jackson2017-07-16
| * quilt fixup: Check that funny changes are represented properlyIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * quilt fixup: Check we can delete files with funny modesIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate creation of symlinksIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Tolerate deletion of executable filesIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Separate out creation and deletionIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit: unrepres. changes: Prepare to tolerate symlinksIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * test suite: Test symlink modification and deletion, not creationIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * test suite: run git gc on tests/worktrees/example_1.0.tarIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * test suite: Introduce example 1.1 orig containg some interesting objectsIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit-repos-server: Do not reject commits with no author/committer emailIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * test suite: import-dsc: Test missing files, particularly in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-16
| * test suite: t-report-fail: print $PWD as part of failure messageIan Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit import: Avoid making broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-16
| * dgit import: Right error message for missing files in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
| * dgit import: Defend against broken symlinks in ..Ian Jackson2017-07-15
| * Merge tag 'archive/debian/3.11_deb9u1' into stableIan Jackson2017-07-15
| |\
| | * changelog: finalise stable updatedebian/3.11_deb9u1archive/debian/3.11_deb9u1Ian Jackson2017-07-15
* | | Merge branch 'stable'Ian Jackson2017-07-09
|\| |
| * | dgit: Regularise patch filenames, and defend against funny commit subjectsIan Jackson2017-07-09
| * | dgit: Pass --no-renames to git diff-tree -z, avoiding potential troubleIan Jackson2017-07-09
| * | changelog: start 3.12~Ian Jackson2017-07-09
| |/
| * changelog: finalise 3.11debian/3.11archive/debian/3.11Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * Actually understand foo,-security (!)Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: mkdir .git/info in setup_gitattrsIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * changelog: Garden and reformatIan Jackson2017-07-08
| * test suite: Test multisuite clone without --rm-on-error.Ian Jackson2017-07-08
| * dgit: clone multisuite works even without --no-rm-on-error.Ian Jackson2017-07-08