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* Mirroring: Provide rsync-based mirror hook scriptIan Jackson2015-07-11
* Fix the rules clean target to remove test results and output.Ian Jackson2015-07-05
* Manpages: Break out dgit(7) from dgit(1).Ian Jackson2015-07-04
* Infra: Add get-suitesIan Jackson2015-06-28
* Infra: Add drs-cron-wrapIan Jackson2015-06-28
* Packaging: package the dgit-repos-* scriptsIan Jackson2015-06-22
* Packaging: package the perl modules (!)Ian Jackson2015-06-22
* Update copyright datesIan Jackson2015-06-20
* New dgit-infrastructure binary package containing dgit-repos-server et al. C...Ian Jackson2014-11-09
* ship dgit-repos-serverIan Jackson2014-08-13
* install manpageIan Jackson2013-08-16
* make it experimentalIan Jackson2013-08-15