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* Split tags: Push the maintainer view tag, where supportedIan Jackson2016-09-05
* TODO.BRANCH: Recognise {oldtag,newtag}-clone-nogitIan Jackson2016-08-14
* TODO.BRANCH: Want to test upgrade smoothnessIan Jackson2016-08-14
* TODO.BRANCH: Have grepped tests/lib for tagIan Jackson2016-08-14
* TODO.BRANCH: Some desires for protovsn 4Ian Jackson2016-08-14
* TODO.BRANCH: "previously" is fine.Ian Jackson2016-08-14
* Tag change: Update dgit-repos-serverIan Jackson2016-07-31
* Tag change: Declare intent in docs etc.Ian Jackson2016-07-31
* TODO.BRANCH search whole tree for "tag"Ian Jackson2016-07-31
* Split brain: Start work on determining split brain necessityIan Jackson2016-07-16