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* changelog: Document some recent changesIan Jackson2018-07-25
* messages: Be a lot more friendly about NEW in particularIan Jackson2018-07-25
* apt-get method: when apt does not update release files, print hintIan Jackson2018-07-23
* test suite: unset VISUAL, which interferes.Ian Jackson2018-07-23
* changelog: start 5.11Ian Jackson2018-07-14
* changelog: finalise 5.10debian/5.10archive/debian/5.10Ian Jackson2018-07-14
* infrastructure: Run git gc --auto before mirroring. Closes:#841414.Ian Jackson2018-07-14
* test suite: Drop a couple of useless test log output lines.Ian Jackson2018-07-14
* changelog: rework for merging experimental tests into masterIan Jackson2018-07-14
* changelog: finalise 5.9+exp4debian/5.9+exp4archive/debian/5.9+exp4Ian Jackson2018-07-13
* test suite: tar up the artifacts, and name the tarball after the testIan Jackson2018-07-13
* test suite: chmod a+r $AUTOPKGTEST explicitly.debian/5.9+exp3archive/debian/5.9+exp3Ian Jackson2018-07-13
* test suite: Do not save non-world-readable artifactsdebian/5.9+exp2archive/debian/5.9+exp2Ian Jackson2018-07-13
* changelog: finalise 5.9+exp1debian/5.9+exp1archive/debian/5.9+exp1Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* test suite: Save much stuff to $AUTOPKGTEST_ARTIFACTS.Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* test suite: Use dch -r -D sid '' not dch -r sid.Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* changelog: start 5.9+exp1Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* changelog: finalise 5.9debian/5.9archive/debian/5.9Ian Jackson2018-07-12
* git-debrebase(5): Document best gitk options. Closes:#901927.Ian Jackson2018-07-09
* dgit-downstream-dsc(7): New manpage.Ian Jackson2018-07-09
* changelog: Document reorganisationsIan Jackson2018-07-09
* git-debrebase convert-from-gbp: Add ffq checkIan Jackson2018-07-09
* git-debrebase convert-from-gbp: Make it ff of dgit view, if we can.Ian Jackson2018-07-09
* changelog: start 5.9Ian Jackson2018-07-08
* changelog: finalise 5.8debian/5.8archive/debian/5.8Ian Jackson2018-07-08
* git-debrebase: Improve grammar if one blocking snag.Ian Jackson2018-07-07
* git-debrebase new-upstream: Add a -1 revision if the user didn't supply one.Ian Jackson2018-07-07
* git-debrebase: status: Reorganise commit reporting.Ian Jackson2018-07-07
* dgit, git-debrebase: Properly make patches with nasty .gitignores.Ian Jackson2018-07-06
* changelog: Document dgit(1) build unscramblingIan Jackson2018-07-06
* changelog: start 5.8Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* changelog: finalise 5.7debian/5.7archive/debian/5.7Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* dgit: Check that entirely-new uploads to Debian are not source-only-uploads.Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* test suite: Test dput-ng compatibility.Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* test suite: Fix trustingpolicy-replay & dput-ng.Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* test suite: Always pass LC_COLLATE=C to sort(1).Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* dgit(7): Mention git-debrebase and gbp pq alongside git-dpmIan Jackson2018-07-04
* dgit: checkout: New command.Ian Jackson2018-07-04
* dgit: update-vcs-git: Honour --package properly.Ian Jackson2018-07-01
* changelog: start 5.7Ian Jackson2018-07-01
* changelog: finalise 5.6debian/5.6archive/debian/5.6Ian Jackson2018-07-01
* changelog: Document empirical effectiveness of new gnupg workaroundIan Jackson2018-07-01
* test suite: manpages-format: New testIan Jackson2018-06-30
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'dgit/dgit/experimental'Ian Jackson2018-06-30
| * test suite: gpg agent workaround: Fix bugs in log neatening.debian/5.5+exp9archive/debian/5.5+exp9Ian Jackson2018-06-30
| * test suite: gpg agent workaround: Neaten the logging.debian/5.5+exp8archive/debian/5.5+exp8Ian Jackson2018-06-30
| * test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Send ps output to stderr (oops)debian/5.5+exp7archive/debian/5.5+exp7Ian Jackson2018-06-29
| * test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Cope if ps not found.debian/5.5+exp6archive/debian/5.5+exp6Ian Jackson2018-06-29
| * changelog: finalise 5.5+exp5debian/5.5+exp5archive/debian/5.5+exp5Ian Jackson2018-06-29
| * test suite: gpg-agent workaround: Kill unexpected leftover agents.Ian Jackson2018-06-29