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* http[s] tests: Import and slightly hack example scriptIan Jackson2019-08-11
* copyright: credit Genome Research LimitedMatthew Vernon2019-07-21
* debian/copyright: Add some missing credtisIan Jackson2019-07-20
* d/copyright: Update copyright yearsSean Whitton2019-07-06
* i18n: Copy po/Makefile and remove-potcdate.plfrom debconfIan Jackson2018-09-28
* Update copyright yearsSean Whitton2018-07-27
* Update some copyright infoSean Whitton2018-01-07
* debian/copyright: add myselfSean Whitton2016-10-20
* Copyright: Mention, and provide copy of, DCOIan Jackson2016-10-11
* Copyright: Add notices to some more of the (larger) filesIan Jackson2016-10-11
* Update copyright datesIan Jackson2015-06-20
* autopkgtests: Provide tests/lib, and one pari-extra based clone test.Ian Jackson2013-11-24
* make it experimentalIan Jackson2013-08-15