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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* git-playtree-setup: Rename from git-playtree-createIan Jackson2019-07-21
* git-playtree-setup: Provide to git-debpushIan Jackson2019-07-21
* git-playtree-setup: Rewrite in shell and call it from PerlIan Jackson2019-07-21
* Update copyright notices in many filesIan Jackson2019-07-20
* git-debpush: new binary packageSean Whitton2019-07-07
* debian/rules: Break out specpkg_install_commonIan Jackson2019-07-06
* i18n: po4a: debian/rules: Install translated documentsIan Jackson2018-10-04
* packaging: Use dh_missing --fail-missingIan Jackson2018-10-04
* i18n: Call po/Makefile directly from debian/rulesIan Jackson2018-09-29
* git-debrebase: Split into its own packageIan Jackson2018-06-17
* debian/rules: Refactor dgit-infrastructure perl arrangementsIan Jackson2018-06-17
* Infra: dgit-infrastructure has, and uses, its own copies of the perl modulesIan Jackson2016-10-15
* Copyright: Add notices to some more of the (larger) filesIan Jackson2016-10-11
* Test suite: rename list-tests to enumerate-tests for ease of completion over ...Ian Jackson2015-07-27
* Test suite: Check that test suite list in debian/tests/control is up to dateIan Jackson2015-07-25
* Test suite: Provide rules target for list-tests gencontrolIan Jackson2015-07-25
* Update copyright datesIan Jackson2015-06-20
* New dgit-infrastructure binary package containing dgit-repos-server et al. C...Ian Jackson2014-11-09
* do substition for $dgit_version in rulesIan Jackson2013-09-11
* make it experimentalIan Jackson2013-08-15