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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAge
* i18n: po4a: Add a test that po4a.cfg is up to dateIan Jackson2018-10-04
* test suite: Test that the binary packages can be builtIan Jackson2018-10-04
* test suite: i18n-messages: Test message translationIan Jackson2018-09-29
* test suite: Test dgit build --build=Ian Jackson2018-08-26
* test suite: break out build-modes-sourceIan Jackson2018-08-26
* test suite: dch: Always use tstunt/debchangeIan Jackson2018-08-26
* test suite: test-list-uptodate: Drop imports and dependenciesIan Jackson2018-08-26
* test suite: gdr-fresh: Drop use of git-deborig and fix dependenciesIan Jackson2018-08-26
* test suite: Test dgit calling git-debrebase on new debianisationIan Jackson2018-08-25
* test suite: Test dgit branch_is_gdr walker on a merge resolutionIan Jackson2018-08-25
* test suite: Update debian/tests/control following dependency fix.Ian Jackson2018-08-21
* test suite: gdr-unprocessable-hints: New testIan Jackson2018-08-20
* test suite: gdr-import-nostitch: New testIan Jackson2018-08-19
* git-debrebase: merge: gdr-merge-conflicts test: New testIan Jackson2018-08-11
* git-debrebase: test suite: New gdr-merge testIan Jackson2018-08-11
* test suite: gdr-import-dgitview: New test for dgit dsc importsIan Jackson2018-08-04
* test suite: gdr-unprocessable: new testIan Jackson2018-07-31
* test suite: add stubbed test for pbuilder subcommandSean Whitton2018-07-28
* test suite: Drop alwayssplit testsIan Jackson2018-07-26
* test suite: sourceonlypolicy: New testIan Jackson2018-07-05
* test suite: Test dput-ng compatibility.Ian Jackson2018-07-05
* test suite: checkout: new testIan Jackson2018-07-04
* test suite: manpages-format: New testIan Jackson2018-06-30
* test suite: Add bc to appropriate test Depends.debian/5.5+exp4archive/debian/5.5+exp4Ian Jackson2018-06-29
* test suite: Test ill-advised repeat dgit push after git push failsIan Jackson2018-06-27
* test suite: dgit/gdr interop: test make-patches exiting 7Ian Jackson2018-06-22
* test suite: Trigger on indirect dependenciesIan Jackson2018-06-20
* test suite: git-debrebase: Rename gdr-newupstream-v0 testIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: git-debrebase: Do some tests without dgit installedIan Jackson2018-06-17
* git-debrebase: Split into its own packageIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: enumerate-tests: Refactor dependencies, support NO-DEFAULTIan Jackson2018-06-17
* git-debrebase: test suite: New test for subcommandsIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-newupstream-v0: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-diverge-nmu-dgit: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-diverge-nmu: new test, not complete yetIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-viagit: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-*: use faketime to control dch datesIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-import-dgit: wipIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: gdr-edits: wip new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: push-source: new testsSean Whitton2018-01-07
* Merge branch stable into masterIan Jackson2018-01-07
| * test suite: Add missing `chiark-utils-bin' to Test-Depends.Ian Jackson2017-10-22
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-docs: Correct restrictionIan Jackson2018-01-06
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-correct: Test that the rune DTRTIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: dpkgsourceignores-docs: Check dgit-maint-merge(7) -i -I runeIan Jackson2017-08-04
* | test suite: gitworktree: New testIan Jackson2017-08-03
* | test suite: sbuild-gitish: Find sbuild rune in the manpageIan Jackson2017-07-18
* | sbuild-gitish: New test case to check running sbuild from gitIan Jackson2017-07-18
* import-maintmangle: New test for changelog Maintainer mangling.Ian Jackson2017-02-05
* test suite: quilt-useremail: New test for user config copyingIan Jackson2017-02-05