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* git-debrebase: new-upstream: fix ff check handling of multi-piece upstreamsIan Jackson2018-06-20
* git-debrebase manpages: Fix typos and etc.Ian Jackson2018-06-18
* changelog: start 5.1~Ian Jackson2018-06-18
* changelog: finalise 5.0debian/5.0archive/debian/5.0Ian Jackson2018-06-18
* test suite: git-debrebase: Rename gdr-newupstream-v0 testIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: git-debrebase: Do some tests without dgit installedIan Jackson2018-06-17
* git-debrebase: Split into its own packageIan Jackson2018-06-17
* test suite: enumerate-tests: Refactor dependencies, support NO-DEFAULTIan Jackson2018-06-17
* debian/rules: Refactor dgit-infrastructure perl arrangementsIan Jackson2018-06-17
* changelog: Document gdr, and bump to 5.0~Ian Jackson2018-06-17
* dgit: Bail if single-debian-patch needs committing with --quilt=nofixIan Jackson2018-06-16
* exit status: Document in changelog.Ian Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: New test for subcommandsIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-newupstream-v0: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-diverge-nmu-dgit: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-diverge-nmu: new test, not complete yetIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-viagit: new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-*: use faketime to control dch datesIan Jackson2018-06-16
* git-debrebase: test suite: gdr-import-dgit: wipIan Jackson2018-06-16
* test suite: gdr-edits: wip new testIan Jackson2018-06-16
* debian/control, git-debrebase: "use fnmatch;"Ian Jackson2018-06-16
* dgit: In quilt_fixup_multipatch, work around git checkout pathsIan Jackson2018-06-16
* When checking that the tree is clean, check the git index too.Ian Jackson2018-06-16
*, dgit: Break $extra_orig_namepart_re out into Jackson2018-06-16
* "confess" when we die due to a warning, rather than symply dieing.Ian Jackson2018-06-16
* Break out git_get_symrefIan Jackson2018-06-16
* Move $playground global to dgit.Ian Jackson2018-06-16
* changelog: start 4.5~Ian Jackson2018-04-23
* finalise 4.4debian/4.4archive/debian/4.4Ian Jackson2018-04-23
* test suite: bugfix: Use full key hash rather than short keyid.Ian Jackson2018-04-23
* changelog: start 4.4Ian Jackson2018-01-25
* changelog: finalise 4.3debian/4.3archive/debian/4.3Ian Jackson2018-01-25
* changelog: mention #887850 fixIan Jackson2018-01-24
* changelog: mention #884646Ian Jackson2018-01-24
* dgit(7): Discuss git-unrepresentable properties of source trees.Ian Jackson2018-01-24
* dgit(7): Discuss file executability.Ian Jackson2018-01-24
* dgit: archive-api-query: Avoid crashing due to lack of $isuiteIan Jackson2018-01-07
* changelog: start 4.3Ian Jackson2018-01-07
* changelog: finalise 4.2debian/4.2archive/debian/4.2Ian Jackson2018-01-07
* changelog: Set distribution to unstableSean Whitton2018-01-07
* changelog: Document using dpkg-source to build source packagesSean Whitton2018-01-07
* changelog: Entry for push-source subcommandSean Whitton2018-01-07
* test suite: push-source: new testsSean Whitton2018-01-07
* Update some copyright infoSean Whitton2018-01-07
* test suite: lib: t-git-fsck: put dgit-test-fsck.errs in git dirIan Jackson2018-01-07
* changelog: Document gnupg workaroundsIan Jackson2018-01-07
* Merge branch stable into masterIan Jackson2018-01-07
| * changelog: finalise 3.13debian/3.13archive/debian/3.13Ian Jackson2017-10-22
| * test suite: Add missing `chiark-utils-bin' to Test-Depends.Ian Jackson2017-10-22
| * dgit: Add missing `use' for Dpkg::Compresson et al.Ian Jackson2017-10-22