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* Revert change to ssh to alioth CNAME, as the recommended CNAME is to somethin...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Support dgit-distro.<distro>.keyid config option.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Mangle debian/<version> tags the way git-buildpackage does (as of git-buildpa...Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* fix Closes syntaxdebian/0.4_pre1Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* better error msgs from check_not_dirtyIan Jackson2013-08-22
* suggest sbuildIan Jackson2013-08-22
* New --distro option (helps with unknown suites).Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* wip bugfixesIan Jackson2013-08-22
* in check_not_dirty, diff against HEAD as that's what we care aboutIan Jackson2013-08-22
* Provide "dgit sbuild".Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Ordering improvement in push: don't add dsc field until git push done.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Better checking that the supplied .dsc and debian/changes correspond.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* make manpage DESCRIPTION section more formal, and other manpage improvementsIan Jackson2013-08-22
* Better error checking when parsing RFC822-style control data.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* done the error messagesIan Jackson2013-08-22
* Fail if a required config item is missing.Ian Jackson2013-08-22
* Usage message. Closes #720085.Ian Jackson2013-08-20
* Assorted manpage fixes.Ian Jackson2013-08-19
* Use vhost on alioth. Closes #720172.Ian Jackson2013-08-19
* Fix manpage description of --existing-package.Ian Jackson2013-08-19
* changelog for 0.3Ian Jackson2013-08-17
* remove pointless debhelper log (!)Ian Jackson2013-08-17
* fix pushIan Jackson2013-08-17
* Merge branch 'experimental'debian/0.2Ian Jackson2013-08-17
| * dgit (0.1) experimental; urgency=lowIan Jackson2013-08-15
* finalise changelog for 0.2Ian Jackson2013-08-17
* wipish 0.2~0.1Ian Jackson2013-08-16
* wip, mark in changelogIan Jackson2013-08-16
* make it experimentalIan Jackson2013-08-15